Chestnut cat boarding. A cattery covering Essex, London, Epping and Redbridge. Cat boarding facilities for cats and kittens.
Chestnut Boarding Centre (Cattery) -  Part of established Chestnut Cat Sanctuary
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut cat Sanctuary and rescue Centre
Chestnut Cat Sanctuary
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Cat Boarding (Cattery)
Secure entrance to Cattery
behind locked gates.
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Garden pens used in Peak Season for cats and kittens on holday in Chestnut cattery in Essex
4 x "Garden" Pens with windows overlooking garden or patio
(Peak Seasons)
Inside the web cam pens
Web cam pens available. With outside viewing [Summer]
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
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Chestnut Boarding Centre Chestnut Boarding Centre Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre

Chestnut Boarding Centre (Cattery) for Cats & Kittens.

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Chestnut cat boarding cattery in Epping

The Chestnut Boarding Centre (Cattery) is in an annex to our renowned Chestnut Cat Sanctuary [Est. 2000], with all its long established reknown for its facilities, caring staff volunteers and loving care. We are a private Rescue Centre for cats & kittens, and RSPCA appointed for homing their unwanted or homeless felines, either brought in by the public, local animal welfare officers, vets or rescued by Inspectors.
One of the busiest cat re-homing centres in the South, with an excellent reputation for speedy re-homing and our policy of accepting cats of ALL ages. Recommended and used by the RSPCA, organisations & Vets all over the Essex, Herts & East London areas.
Open 7 days a week throughout the year.

Due to demand from our thousands of clients who have adopted cats and kittens from us, we are pleased to offer luxury heated, boarding facilities for Chestnut Sanctuary and all other clients.The Chestnut Boarding Centre is a separate annex to the Sanctuary. There are 19 luxury available pens, which can house one, or a pair of cats/kittens, in new, insulated, well lit buildings, conforming to the latest requirements.

e have the main building which is quiet, well heated and all indoors. Probably suitable for the more refined or nervous cat. Whilst garden annexes have double pens and single pens with windows overlooking the gardens and courtyards. Some pens have open-to-the air play areas (in Summer). Intercommunicating FAMILY PENS AVAILABLE for 3 and up to 10 cats! Click for images .

buildings are heated, lighted, insulated and indoors, so the cats are in a completely safe and warm environment in our quiet Country setting, far (450') from a road.
All cats have their own pen & play areas i.e. are not mixed with other cats [other than those they come in with!]. Click for features .

We had to choose wooden construction buildings because we are in a greenbelt area, but the walls are double panelled with thick internal insulation and the ceilings are plaster lined, again with an insulated cavity. The buildings easily conform to Council heating/ventilation/hygeine requirements. Floors are on a waterproof concrete raft with a plastic membrame to prevent rising damp. We use a special disinfectent (Virkon) after each occupation to ensure a germ-free enviroment. All pens have a sneeze barrier to prevent spread of germs from one pen to another. All pens are very cosy and a raised bedding area.

Web Cams in 5 "garden" pens:
Our new web cam facility is available at £1 per day (minimum period for the duration of their stay) so you can see your cat real time 24 hours a day from a PC anywhere in the world! Use your lap-top, Hotel computers or internet cafe. We give you a site address user name & passcode to your cats pen and you logon to a browser as normal (Internet Explorer for example) in seconds. (Subject to a £5 minimum charge/must book for every boarding day!).

Chestnut cat Boarding centre, a long term holiday maker!
Luna was at the boarding centre for 6 months so we ensured he could explore out of his pen!

Your feline friend will stay in a loving, and cared-for holiday home:
Our running a cat re-homing centre for the last 8 years, [where we have cared & homed, to April 2008, over 5000 cats & kittens], has given us vast experience on which to base the boarding cattery, using all our findings of cats likes and dislikes. The buildings have been designed from scratch, providing safe, well insulated and well lit accomodation with more than enough space even for a long stay. They all feature shelves for the cats to view the "goings on" and some have ladders to the raised bedding areas, whilst others have "stepping stone" style ladders. All have toys and scratching posts provided, and clean fleece bedding. [Owners are more than welcome to bring their own bed or toys if they feel the cat will feel more at home!]

Food and heating:
Are at NO EXTRA COST, they are fully included in the daily rate. Just state your cat's preferences and we will do the rest. we stock virtually all brands, but if it is something unusual advise us in advance and we will get it in specially, or bring it with you. Medications can be administered at no extra cost, although we do ask you to supply enough for their stay. Some regular clients have blind or disabled cats, we are fully able to provide accordingly.

We always recommend a micro-chip in case your cat strays as this greatly increases the chances of your cat being recovered when scanned by a Vet or Rescue centre. This we can do for you when your cat is "on holiday" with us at £18, a discount fee on the normal vet charges.

We include a compulsory £2 per week (or part of), per cat, Fully Inclusive medical insurance which means if your cat is ill when staying with us, you will not return to an unexpected Vet bill. Unlike ALL pet insurances, our Pet Plan Boarding Insurance even covers the excess (existing conditions not covered).

Clients include:
The RSPCA Inspectorate for "case" cats, where cats are boarded pending legal action prior to being handed over to our Re-homing centre; Social Services of various Borough Councils (where cat owners go into temporary care/hospital), and private clients from all over London, Essex, North Kent & Herts. Many choose to travel here to ensure their cat enjoys our facilities even though there may be nearer catteries.

And finally ... owners worry more about leaving the cat when they go on holiday than the cat does! In our experience, the majority of cats settle in within an hour or so, and enjoy the novelty of a new enviroment. So, enjoy your holiday and certainly don't worry about your feline friend. Although they are pleased to see their owners return, most are fully enjoying exploring a short while after you walk out of our door. Whilst some owners like a family member to visit (and they are most welcome) we would warn that this might unsett;le the cat, thinking they are going home!

We are licensed annually by Epping Forest District Council every January, who has strict requirements for animal care, and we undergo a yearly inspection by the RSPCA (Last inspection: April 2008).

You are welcome to visit us before booking!

From 02/05/08: Web cam facility to enable you to log on-line to your cat's pen anywhere in the WORLD! See your Alex from Athens, or Basil from Barbados, or even Felix from France.

Run by the owner Mrs. Kathie Rayner,

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