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Chestnut Boarding Centre (Cattery) -  Part of established Chestnut Cat Sanctuary
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut cat Sanctuary and rescue Centre
Chestnut Cat Sanctuary
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Cat Boarding (Cattery)
Secure entrance to Cattery
behind locked gates.
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Garden pens used in Peak Season for cats and kittens on holday in Chestnut cattery in Essex
4 x "Garden" Pens with windows overlooking garden or patio
(Peak Seasons)
Inside the web cam pens
Web cam pens available. With outside viewing [Summer]
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Contact Kathie Rayner on:
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Tel: 01992.573 842
Email: Use contact form
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Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre
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Chestnut Boarding Centre Chestnut Boarding Centre Chestnut Boarding Centre
Chestnut Boarding Centre


Pen sizes:
All exceed Council requirements of 16 sq. ft. per cat!

SingleCat pens: Play/feed area 15-18 sq. feet with Separate raised sleeping area/s of 9 sq. feet. [Some with garden view in Peak Season].

Double (2 cat) Pens: Play/feed area 18 to 27 sq. feet with seperate raised bedding areas of 9 sq.feet. = 27 - 36 sq. feet in total. Some with garden view. Web cam pens with open air view play area in Summer season.

Family & Single cat pens [Web cam area]: 5 pens have lockable intercommunicating cat flaps thus facility of linking pens together. Suitable for 3 up to 10 cats! All have open air play area in Summer by removing daily plastic full length windows.


Arrivals & Collection:
8.30 am to 2pm Monday to Friday
10am to 2pm Saturday & Sunday

* Heated in Winter & Cooled in Summer.
[No extra charges for Winter heating]
* Food included in cost
* Bedding supplied but bring your own if you prefer
[Bedding is machine/heat washed for each new arrival]
* Food & water bowls supplied, changed daily & cleaned with heated dishwasher to destroy germs
* Slip-proof Vinyl flooring to protect from germs/easy cleaning
* “Virkon” (very expensive & special germ disinfectant) used to clean pens before each new occupation
* Vet, RSPCA & Council advice sought annually for latest “good house keeping” policies
* You can bring your cat’s favourite toys!
* Advise us of your cat’s favourite food or diet.
[We recommend high protein complete foods such as: Iams/Royal Canin/James Wellbeloved etc]
* Please bring any medication if needed.
* Fed twice daily.
* Pens Cleaned daily
* Litter tray cleaned twice daily
* Night light for “comfort” lighting
* Plenty of natural light, & electric lights in each pen
* 4 x "Garden" pens have windows onto garden
[Peak season only]
* 5 x double pens have open air view play area in Summer.
* Experienced, and more importantly, cat-loving, knowledgeable staff.
[The safety, wellbeing, and happiness of your cat is paramount to us!]
* Trained Veterinary Nurse on site most days
[Site Manager]
* Scratch posts and toys supplied
* 24/7 Emergency Vet Care with Excess free insurance by "Pet Plan Boarding"
[Compulsory £2 per week per cat] .
* Cages numbered and cat’s notes on door...
Your cat is easily identified!
* Very secure Cattery building with night locks, grounds intrusion lights, fire exits, & overlooked by Owners house. [That is apart from it being amongst fields, 400’ from a road, behind gates!]
* Have your cat micro-chipped while it is with us … save 30% on Vet cost, and possibly reduce your insurance costs! £18.
* Leave your pet carrier, for convenience & safety regs.
* Council Licensed
* Isolation Unit in case of emergencies
* Used by the RSPCA & Social Services

*Ample car parking
Cash, cheque or card:


Cat boarding facilities in Essex.

Animal boarding. An Essex cattery.

Main Area - quiet and VERY warm! Ventilation in Summer
Most evenings cats are allowed
out 1 at a time to "explore"

Catteries in essex and london - Chestnut cat Boarding centre

Essex Catteries like chestnut for cat and kittens

The family pens! [Web cam area]. Intercommunicating for 3 up to 10 cats
Intercommunicating pens for 3+ cats
available for booking

Catteries are often mistitled as "kennels"

Cat boarding at Chestnut Sanctuary

4 x Garden pens [Peak Seasons only]
Garden Pens overlooking lawns

Chestnut Cat Boarding, an Essex cattery

Epping cat boarding at Chestnut in essex covering Redbridge and London







Inside pens are 9' x 3' with raised 3' x 3' bedding area
Size exceed Council requirements
for 2 cats
Chesdtnut Cat boarding in Epping
Plastic Windows ciome out in Summer and cats can see outside!
The family pens & Arrivals office
Plastic removed daily in Summer
so cats can see outside

Entrance to Chestnut Boarding and caterry

Caterry Entrance peacefully laid out
Welcoming Entrance
Entrance to main cattery

Attractively laid out for relaxing atmosphere (Not that the cats appreciate!)
Boarding Entrance behind locked doors.
Completely secure and overlooked by
owners house
Boarding Reception Area
Charity store for ANY last minute items!
Boarding reception Area. Removable plastic windows to Web cam pens for outside viewing
Charity store on site
Behind secure gates
Welcoming Arrivals office!

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Chestnut Boarding Centre
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